We first introduced our line of spoonable & drinkable yoghurt in 2007. Since then, we have diversified into four brands — Almarai, Almarai treats, Almarai stars and Almarai drinking Yoghurt — with a total of 16 products, ranging from classic plain spoonable yoghurt to drinking yoghurt, rayeb and individual serving-sized cups of fruit-on-the-bottom spoonable yoghurts. With one of the most trusted and popular lines of spoonable and drinkable yoghurt in Egypt, our yoghurt is produced to the same high standards and using the same first-class materials as our fresh milk products, ensuring quality and helping us to keep costs low in this competitive market. Milk for our yoghurt products is sourced from long-term, trusted partners, allowing us maximum control of the supply chain and the quality of our products. We use only the very best packaging for our yoghurt, which abides by the global standard in hygienic, safe and environmentally-sound packaging, ensuring that our consumers can count on us for high-quality yoghurt. You can browse through our various yoghurt product offerings below