Vetbook honors one of the largest food production corporations

Vetbook, one of the leading organizations that offers professional trainings and education services, honored the International Company for Agro Industrial Projects, Beyti, for the company’s leading role in offering scholarships and free scientific courses for students and train them according to the most updated methods implemented in the production of food.


Mohamed Rabie Sayed, Strategic Partner of Human Resources in the Fields of Production, Logistics, and Supply, in Beyti, received the honor in the company’s headquarter in Al Nobareya.


Gehad Emad, Representative of Vetbook Organization, asserted that the huge efforts exerted by the International Company for Agro Industrial Projects, Beyti, in various fields of scientific and services’ implantations. This is besides the free scholarships the company grants to students of the faculties of Agriculture and Veterinary medicine. She added that all these efforts qualified the company to receive the honor as one of the companies that plays an important role in social responsibility, especially that these efforts aim to make the trainees gain the required skills to qualify them to the labor market. 


Gehad added, "We look forward to broadening the partnership scope with the International Company for Agro Industrial Projects, Beyti, due to the strenuous efforts exerted in implementing the highest standards of quality in the production and control processes of all its products. This is besides the usage of the most updated and safe scientific and technological means in the production processes". She clarified that the company is considered a scientific model that should be followed in terms of offering the required skills to trainees in free courses organized by the company.


Vetbook is an organization founded by a group of vets who aim to serve vet field in Egypt in a way to prepare, direct & train vets for better future.