Protocol of cooperation between Beyti and the largest Egyptian universities

Rabie’ Sayed: Providing the opportunities for the students for practical trainings and opening new horizons for them

Offering free courses and hosting the students for a month through full cohabitation


In its serious endeavors to adopt and spread the concepts of cooperation and exchange of knowledge, the International Company for Agro Industrial Projects, Beyti, announced implementing a new cooperation protocol between the company and a number of the largest universities in Egypt aiming to transfer the knowledge Beyti possesses in the field of the production of food materials to new generations of Egypt who belong to this field.


Mohamed Rabie Sayed, Strategic Partner of Human Resources in the Fields of Production, Logistics, and Supply, in Beyti, noted that the company has started implementing this protocol of cooperation with several universities all over Egypt. This is to train top students from the faculties of Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, and Sciences in the factories of the company which offers them all the training opportunities in a practical and serious way to help them open new horizons during their careers after graduation.


Sayed said that the management of the company used this protocol to provide all training courses for students so that they would practically benefit from the scientific experiences of Beyti. He pointed out that the company welcomed students from Cairo, Ain Shams, Alexandria, Al Menfoufya, Suez Canal, Zagazig, Al Fayoum, Sadat City, and Pharaohs Universities. He added that the participation of all these universities in the cooperation is a great indicator of the success of the idea of Beyti.


Sayed clarified that 10 students are chosen to participate in the summer trainings organized by Beyti. These trainings are for a whole month through the full cohabitation method. The participating student is considered an employee in the company which provides him with all the courses he needs that suit his specialization. He added that the idea of summer trainings is not limited to university students but also to school students as well.


Sayed stated that Beyti, since its establishment, believes in the value of CSR. The company has previously organized and welcomed several visits carried out by university students and professors to benefit from the experiences of the company. He added, “during the last period, the concept became more organized and professional when we developed the visits program of the university students to the factories of the company. There is a full plan for the agenda of the visit to monitor the impact of the visit on the participants before and after the visit to know the extent of change and responses of the students.”