On the sideline of the Food Safety, a Joint Responsibility to protect consumers and Comprehensive Quality Conference

Amr Salem: Beyti succeeded in implementing all the standards of food safety on all the company’s products. 


Amr Salem, Human Resources Director at the International Company for Agro Industrial Projects, Beyti, asserted that his company abides by implementing the highest procedures of food safety in the production of all its goods. Salem noted, on the sideline of the Food Safety, a Joint Responsibility to Protect Consumers and Comprehensive Quality Conference, that these standards and procedures represent the main pillar that Beyti adopts to ensure that the consumers receive the highest quality of products.

Amr Salem said, during the conference, held on the 15th of January, under the auspices of the Ministry of Trade and Industry, the Ministry of Supply, and the Consumers Protection Agency, that Beyti succeeded in implementing the highest standards of food safety through its comprehensive strategy since its establishment in the Egyptian market. He added that his company depends on using the most updated technologies with a strict commitment towards the highest international levels of quality in all production phases. Salem pointed out that Beyti has a special interest in each and every detail specifically if the matter is associated with the health and safety of the consumer that is one of the most important priorities of the company.

Salem added that, “Beyti exerted a lot of efforts, both in terms of the continuous development of products and their diversification, or in terms of the usage of the most updated technologies in various production phases with the commitment towards the highest international standards of quality. All of this enabled Beyti to succeed to gain the trust of consumers and compete with foreign products and even exceed their quality.

Salem noted, “We always position the Egyptian consumer on top of our priorities. We consider him to be our key partner in all our success stories we achieved and still achieving in the Egyptian market. Our role doesn’t only include that the products reach the selling outlets with the best quality, but it also extends to include that the consumer gets the highest quality of products. He added that this is the main reason why Beyti launched a national campaign to raise the awareness of both traders and consumers concerning how to identify a good product and how to preserve it. This campaign was supported by various concerned governmental bodies and the participation of mega corporations operating in the field of food production in Egypt. 

Regarding the investments Beyti injects, Amr Salem said that the company had many significant contributions to the Egyptian economy last year. He said that the establishment of the new company in Al Nobareya is considered one of the most advanced factories in the Middle East specialized in the production of milk and juices with the cost of 2 Billion EGP.

Amr Salem praised the intriguing efforts initiated by the government to activates various mechanisms and regulating laws that would tighten the control on the production processes and implement the quality standards in the local market to enhance its abilities to compete in local and international markets.