Choices from the heart, different marketing approach, and Lamis Al Hadidy devotes a section of her program for it

Almarai video to celebrate mothers’ day gets the highest rates of viewership


A video produced by Almarai to celebrate mothers’ day got the highest rates of viewership this week on social media networks. The number of views the video got exceeded 5 million views. This is in addition to the noble feelings that this video triggered since it contained expressive and truthful moments. This made the video grab the attention of some talk shows in Egypt. Lamis El Hadidy devoted a section of her program, “Hona Al Asema” on CBC satellite channel, for the video and considered it one of the most powerful works that celebrated mothers’ day this year.

The video depended on scenes of people who live outside Egypt whom their working or travel circumstances didn’t allow them to meet their mothers for long a period, around 7 to 15 months. The team of the video from Almarai chose some of these people and used make up to change their lookings before they meet their mothers. They depended on the surprising moment when the sons and daughters meet their mothers. The team filmed these moments which witnessed a marvelous blend of the feelings of love with surprises when the son reveals his true self to his mom.

The video that sends the message of “choices from the heart,” gained more than 5 million views on Facebook only and around 100 thousand reactions including likes, shares, and comments. All the comments praised the idea of the video and noted that it triggered feelings of sadness at the people who lost their mothers. This is besides the feeling of love and gratitude from sons towards mothers.

Almarai aims through this video to transform from the regular advertising messages to noble human messages that remind the society of the traditional values that we have missed and highlight the important human and societal role that companies and products could play.

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