Beyti welcomes the largest batch from Ain Shams university to be trained on the company’s production lines

With the participation of 60 students, professionals, and specialists

Mohamed Rabie: We aim to create professional cadres and begin recruiting women in the factories of the company


In the framework of its social responsibility and the company’s serious quest to adopt and spread the concepts of experiences’ exchange, the factory of the International Company for Agro Industrial Projects, Beyti, in Al Nobareya, welcomed a new batch from the Faculty of Agriculture of Ain Shams university. This step comes under the protocol signed by the management of Beyti and several significant Egyptian universities. The objective is to transfer the knowledge of Beyti in the field of food production to the new generation of Egyptians who wish to work in that field.


Mohamed Rabie Sayed, Strategic Partner of Human Resources in the Fields of Production, Logistics, and Supply, in Beyti, noted that the new batch consists of 60 students. This is in addition to doctors and professors in the foods departments in Ain Shams University. It is considered the largest batch welcomed by the Beyti’s factories since the beginning of the cooperation protocol implemented with several universities around Egypt to train distinctive students from the faculties of Veterinary Medicine, Sciences, and Agriculture.


Rabie added that the tour the students took in the factory included all the production phases of the products of Beyti. The students got to know all details concerning the production process carried out following the most accurate standards and approaches in the world. The students also viewed the health and environment safety measures implemented in various production phases to guarantee that the consumers get the best products.


Rabie also asserted that Beyti signed this cooperation protocol out of the company’s belief in the value of CSR. He pointed out that Beyti has previously welcomed many visits by universities’ students and professors to benefit from the experiences of the company. Rabie added, “During the last period, these visits became more organized and professional. We developed the visits’ program of universities’ students who visit the factories of the company. We now provide a full comprehensive agenda of the visits and an assessment carried on with participants, before and after the visit, to know the extent of change and responses among the students.”


Strategic Partner of Human Resources in the Fields of Production, Logistics, and Supply, in Beyti, also said that Beyti creates, through these students’ tours, an approach to directly engage new cadres that are getting ready to enter the labor market, with the nature and conditions of production process in real life. He added that these protocols offer all training opportunities seriously and practically helping the new generation in their careers after graduation. 


The students, from their side, expressed their happiness concerning the visit and the training tour carried out to know the latest approaches used to produce juices and milk in Beyti, which implements the most updated technologies and follow the strictest safety and quality standards. The company. The company is always keen that the Egyptian consumers receive the highest standards of quality products.