Beyti participates in the Gulf Food Dubai Exhibition

Badran: The Egyptian food products have the traits to compete with foreign products

The company is studying means of cooperation with the largest corporations in the field of food production in Africa and the Middle East


The International Company for Agro Industrial Projects, Beyti, announced that the company would be participating in the Gulf Food Dubai Exhibition organized in the period from the 26th of February till the 2nd of March 2017.


Mohamed Badran, Managing Director of Beyti, said that he received an invitation to participate in this mega international exhibition due to the stature achieved by Beyti in the field of food production in the local and regional markets. Badran said this exhibition is considered a great opportunity to view the latest trends and approaches adopted by the largest international corporations operating in the food production field which participate in the exhibition.


Badran added that Gulf Food Dubai Exhibition is considered a great opportunity to have insights of new markets, understand its needs, and learn how suitable they are for Egyptian products to penetrate them. The objective is to increase the size of food products’ imports to these markets, especially after the large enhancement achieved by this sector in Egypt which became capable of competing with international products.


Beyti Managing Director noted that the Gulf market has become one of the fastest growing around the world both of terms of consumption and production. It is also considered an important destination for exports either inside the countries of the gulf region, or as a transitory point exporting the products to other countries around the world. Badran pointed out that this is why Gulf Food Dubai witnesses an increase in the rates of participation and coverage as it achieves new records in the number of participating companies every year.


It is planed that Badran would meet up with various companies’ representatives from different regions around Africa and the Middle East on the sideline of the exhibition to discuss means of future cooperation.


Egypt has 136 companies participating in Food Gulf Dubai 2017 including the largest food production corporations and agricultural corps.


Gulf Food Dubai is considered the most important exhibitions specialized in the field of food production in the Middle East. It is the largest strategic gathering of producers, investors, distributors, and suppliers from various regions around the world. They represent all the major sectors in the field of food production to compete over exporting the requirements of food to the markets of the Gulf, Middle East, and Asia. The exhibition is also the most significant opportunity to initiate mage business deals with the largest companies in the world.