Beyti participates in the campaign of “Proudly Made in Egypt”

Badran: We aim to make our products reach international markets 


The International Company for Agro Industrial Projects, Beyti, announced its participation in the campaign of “Proudly Made in Egypt.” The campaign aims to support the local products and the national economy. It was launched by the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

Mohamed Badran, Managing Director of the International Company for Agro Industrial Projects, Beyti, said that the company is proud to participate in this campaign adopted by the Ministry of Trade and Industry. The campaign targets empowering the Egyptian products with their high quality and competitiveness. Another objective of this campaign is to encourage Egyptians to buy local high quality products.

Badran added that the support and the trust of consumers in the local product would empower its competitive abilities and to be exported to international market. This means the provision of foreign currency to support the Egyptian economy.

Badran noted, “Since we are an Egyptian company which is leading in the field of the production and packing of milk and juices, we are always keen to use the most updated technologies. This is in addition to the implementation of the highest standards of quality in all production phases the product passes through to reach the consumer in the highest quality and in a shape that makes us proud to add the slogan (Proudly Made in Egypt). This is besides the competitive prices of the products".

The Managing Director of Beyti noted that the company, through the support presented by Almarai, the Saudi Corporation and PepsiCo International, always strives to develop its products. Now, we have a large share of the Egyptian market as a result of the trust of the consumers in our various products of milk and high quality juices.

Badran stressed the importance of the continuation of the “Proudly Made in Egypt” campaign in the media and social media platforms. The organizers of the campaign have to develop the idea continuously in order to consolidate these concepts in the culture of Egyptian consumers.