Beyti Participates in Private Sector Alliance against COVID-19 Initiative


 Mark Wiley: All Thanks, Appreciation to Egypt’s Physicians Who are Frontline in Confronting Virus



In continuation for its supportive role of the state’s efforts in confronting the ramifications of the novel Coronavirus COVID-19, Beyti announced its joining of the Private Sector Alliance against COVID-19 Initiative aiming at supporting physicians, nurses, technicians and assistants with all preventive requirements that guarantee their protection during performing their noble role in treating patients at quarantine hospitals.

For his part, Mark Wiley, Beyti Almarai Egypt CEO, stated that the company immediately responded to the call of joining the Private Sector Alliance against COVID-19 Initiative launched by AmCham and UNICEF by equipping state and educational quarantine hospitals nationwide with preventive medical requirements including uniforms, gloves, marks and sanitizers for medical and nursing teams and this confirms the importance and binding of the private sector to supporting the state’s efforts in containing this urgent crisis.

According to Wiley, participation in this initiative is a national duty to support the unprecedented efforts offered by medical teams nationwide for resisting COVID-19 pandemic as they work around the clock in order to provide the needed care to patients who are afflicted with the virus. For this reason, it’s our duty to thank them and provide all that they need of medical and preventive requirements to protect them, as they are regarded the first defense resisting this accursed virus.

Beyti CEO called on businessmen and private sector companies to follow suit and participate in the efforts exerted for combating the pandemic. He confirmed that Beyti is an active partner in this nation and was always proactive in fostering the state’s efforts in confronting this epidemic by many initiatives, the last of which was donating the company’s products to patients and medical and nursing teams at quarantine hospitals nationwide and Beyti will continue to bind to its national principles towards the state and Egyptian market.