Beyti organizes training courses concerning risk analysis for the students of veterinary medicine

Inside its factory in Al Nobareya

Mohamed Rabei: We aim to create interactive bonds with Egyptian universities’ graduates 


In the frame of its plans to create interactive links with Egyptian universities’ graduates, the International Company for Agro Industrial Projects, Beyti, organized a series of training courses and lectures to enable the students to learn about the practical means and approaches implemented by Beyti in the field of the production of juices and milk.

Mohamed Rabei, Beyti official, noted that the company welcomed, in its headquarter in Al Nobareya, the first delegation from the Sadat University. The delegation included 25 students in addition to a number of doctors and university professors. The delegation, accompanied by high officials from Beyti, made a tour to all the sections of the factory that produces milk and juices following the latest approaches and techniques implemented all over the world.

The official added that the visit included a number of intensive lectures to make the students learn the advanced system implemented by Beyti, HACCP, for risk analysis. This comes in the framework of the company being keen that its products would reach the consumer in the best conditions

He also noted that the lectures aim to get the students to learn about the common mistakes that might result in spoiling the product. This is besides how to get rid of expired products and also the importance of knowing the route of the wastes and how they get recycled.

Ahmed Mostafa Hamed, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in the Sadat City University, and one of the participants in the students’ delegation that visited the factory of Beyti, who was involved in the HACCP lecture, said that they gained a lot of practical experiences. He added that the training is factually an addition to all the students. He noted that this visit is the first to the factory of Beyti that is considered, without exaggeration, the largest in the Egyptian market of milk and juices.

Hamed added that Beyti enjoys quite an organized management system. He noted that the production system of the company is considered the most updated. He pointed out that the specialized delegation from the Veterinary Medicine Faculty who participated in the lecture organized by Beyti visited the factory and observed the various production phases that are professionally carried out under the supervision of a group of the best cadres working in the field.