Beyti launches “Al Kassib” program to employ youth

Arising from the belief of the company in its leading CSR role, the International Company for Agro Industrial Projects, Beyti, launched “Al Kassib” Program to help creating innovative solutions for Egyptian youth to find working opportunities.


Amr Salem, Human Resources Director in Beyti, noted that “Al Kassib” is considered one of the most important CSR programs carried out by the company. He added that the program has several advantages and provides working opportunities for Egyptian youth that would create stability for them in their career and provide them with rewarding income. The participants would purchase a small refrigerator truck which is then used to transfer and distribute the goods produced by the company to retailers and stores in various regions.


Al Kassib Program would also provide new opportunities for the Egyptian youth to gain various experiences in terms of social interaction, expansion, and innovation. The youth would transfer the goods produced by Beyti in the best quality to the consumers in a wider geographical scope.


Salem added that the program would be implemented in several phases in 2017. The applications and conditions to participate would be distributed through all the outlets that belong to Beyti in different governorates.  The managers of the branches of the company in Upper Egypt and the Delta would then choose the participants according to the terms and conditions of the program.


The first phase of Al Kassib would include 30 participants chosen from Upper Egypt and the Delta. The participant would purchase the car. However, Beyti would pay for 50% of the price of the car which would be fully owned by the participants after 5 years of working in this ambitious program.


Amr Salem asserted that this new program comes in the framework of the strong relations between Beyti and its clients which are considered partners of success and excellence throughout the history of the company in Egypt and the Middle East. This is in addition to providing working opportunities to the Egyptian youth and recent graduates who are searching for new means to realize their dreams.