Beyti launched the largest awareness Initiative concerning the storage of food products in the Egyptian market

To support the local industry and to increase the confidence of consumers

The two largest factories in Egypt and the Arab World participate in the initiative

Participants: We implement the highest standards of quality and we would not tolerate anything that would affect our international reputation


The International Company for Agro Industrial Projects, Beyti, launched an initiative to support local industry and to increase and build the trust of the consumers in the Egyptian products. This would be carried out through the first and largest campaign in Egypt that raise awareness concerning the methods of storing food products. The biggest companies working in the field of milk and juices’ production will be participating in this important campaign.

Mohamed Badran, Managing Director of the International Company for Agro Industrial Projects, Beyti, said that the campaign arises from the consolidated belief of Beyti concerning the importance of supporting the national industry. This is besides protecting the international position the Egyptian food products reached. These products are made in Egypt taking into consideration the highest standards of quality. The largest companies working in food production are keen to implement these standards. Badran added that recently some individual and irregular cases took place. Most of them were related to the bad storage of the products. This led to the spoiling of the product and was not presented to the consumers in the form they are expecting. Badran noted that this motivated us to launch this initiative to avoid such mistakes in the future.

Badran noted that the initiative includes the participation of 7 of the largest companies working in the field of milk and juices production. These companies include Beyti, the leading companies in the field of milk and juices, Domty, the pioneering company in food products in the Arab World, Lamar, another leading company in milk and juices production, Best Cheese, one of the largest producers of cheese and milk products, Combi Bloc, one of the most pioneering companies around the world in the field of the production of cartoon packs and packaging that preserves food products for a long time, Tetra Pak Egypt, a subsidiary of Tetra Pak of Sweden, that is specialized in offering packing and packaging solutions to many food producers, and OMD the leading advertising corporation.

Badran said that communication is now initiated with all concerned parties on the governmental level as the initiative seeks for the participation of the Ministries of Health, Supply, Trade and Industry, and the Consumer Protection Agency. This is in addition to another group of the largest companies that work in the field of food production. Badran noted that the initiative is the largest of its kind that occurs in the Egyptian market in terms of the number and the size of entities that participate in it.

Badran also noted that the only way to guarantee that food products would be delivered to the consumers in the best conditions is to raise the awareness of the consumers and traders concerning the best methods of storage. He added that the products come out of the production line following the strictest conditions of quality and the highest standards of safety. He said that the few cases that took place recently were the result of bad storage caused by distributors and small-scale traders unintentionally. These cases affected the reputation of the products and thus affected the reputation of the national companies working in this field in general.

The Managing Director of Beyti, Mohamed Badran, said that all partners in this initiative asserted that they would not tolerate any food products that do not follow the standards and conditions not only to protect the health and the trust of the consumers, but also to preserve the history the Egyptian food companies achieved that gave its products the opportunity to compete in international markets.