Beyti honors students who participated in the company’s summer training program

Mohamed Badran: We succeeded to create a good working environment to introduce the most updated technologies used in Beyti to the students


Amr Salem: We are proud of what we achieved and we aim to introduce new youth cadres to the labor market in Egypt


The International Company for Agro Industrial Projects, Beyti, organized a celebration for the students who participated in the summer program Beyti launched in 2017 with the involvement of students from various Egyptian universities.


Mohamed Badran, Managing Director of the International Company for Agro Industrial Projects, Beyti, expressed his happiness, during his speech in the celebration, towards the results achieved in this program. He said that the objective was to create a good environment for the students to get trained and the new generations of university graduates and introduce the most updated technologies adopted by Beyti in the production of milk and juices.


Amr Salem, Human Resources Director in Beyti, said, during the celebration, “We are proud of the results achieved. Beyti was capable to provide the students with a great opportunity to practically know and understand the approaches and methods used in each production phase in the company. This is in addition to the administrational and technical aspects. This gave those students an additional advantage; the direct contact with the market’s mechanism apart from the common theoretical methods. Salem pointed out that the objective of the vision of Beyti is to prepare youth cadres that are able to be innovative and creative in the Egyptian labor market.


Salem added that 22 students were chosen from various universities to receive the summer training in different departments of the company. The students got to practically view and understand the most updated international approaches used around the world in the field of the milk and juices’ production. He also noted that the 22 distinctive students chosen were among 1400 students who applied to participate in the summer training organized by Beyti. 


Salem added that according to the set program, the students worked for 2 months in the factories of Beyti and the headquarter of the company in various departments and fields to understand each and every details associated with the production process carried out according to the most advanced approaches all over the world. The students also viewed all the environmental, medical, and health safety procedures implemented in all the production phases to guarantee the consumers receive the highest quality of products.


Human Resources Director in Beyti also said that the company succeeded to provide all the support and facilitations needed so that the students can reach the best benefits of the training.  The trainees were asked to work on projects linked to the production processes and the marketing of these projects. This gave them the opportunity to be in direct close contact with the labor market’ requirements.


Salem said that Beyti initiated this step arising from the company’s belief in the value of CSR. Beyti has previously organized and welcomed several visits when university students and professors benefited from the experiences of the company.


The students who participated in the summer training of Beyti expressed their happiness that the company gave them this great opportunity to receive practical trainings on all production phases. This is besides the certificates they obtained during the celebration. Salman Mohamed, student in the Faculty of Engineering in Alexandria University, said that the program represents many positive aspects for him especially in terms of the benefits engineering students got from this distinctive practical training. He added that the company provided them with the opportunity to get their training from the best trainers. This is in addition to several departments’ managers who followed the students up and assisted them around the clock.


Farida Attia, Student in the American University in Cairo, stated that the training enabled her to develop her performance in the fields of marketing, sales, and how to manage various ideas and get the best benefits out them.


Mohamed Mahmoud, Graduate of the Faculty of Agriculture in Cairo University said, “The program gave the participants the positive energy required to enhance their tools. I believe that this training program offered by Beyti is among the strongest in Egypt.”


Mahmoud Adel, Student in the Faculty of Engineering in Alexandria University, noted, “This training program opened new horizons for us in the labor market through raising our efficiency and speed in managing data and carrying out various tasks.