Beyti cooperates with the largest international corporations specialized in the field of food production

Confirming its leading role in the milk and juices’ market in Egypt 

Badran: Our objective is to offer food products with the highest international standards of quality 


Arising from its constant concern to offer the best food products, the International Company for Agro Industrial Projects, Beyti, announced its cooperation with several international corporations and specialized experts in the field of food production, according to the latest technologies in the production of milk and juices all over the world.

Mohamed Badran, Managing Director of the International Company for Agro Industrial Projects, Beyti, said, “Beyti has one objective. which is to offer the best and most distinctive food products with international standards implemented by Tropicana, the leading corporation in juices production around the world. Tropicana implements all the standards and specifications recognized internationally concerning food products’ safety".

Badran noted that in the frame of the cooperation, Beyti would collaborate with the largest specialized companies in the world in the field of the production of milk and food. These companies include GEA from Germany, one of the largest and most leading companies in the production and supply of machinery and equipment in the production of juices and milk. Badran added that there is also Combi Bloc, the German corporation that works in the packaging of milk and juices which supplies Beyti with the most updated technologies in terms of automated systems. Through this automation, the sterilized production and packaging processes are carried out automatically without any human intervention in all production phases. Chris Alet, Operations CEO in Combi Bloc, said that Beyti is the largest customer of his company in the MENA Region. He added that the standards and conditions Beyti set in terms of the highest efficiency and performance rates are among the most important pillars that Beyti is based upon.

Moreover, Beyti also cooperates with Tetra Pak, the Swedish leading corporation in the field of food production and packaging. The company supplies Beyti with the most updated processing machines. In this context, Andres Lindgren, General Manager of Tetra Pak Egypt, said, "We are happy, being the leading corporation in the field of providing packaging and packing solutions, to offer the new factory of Beyti the most updated processing machines. He added that the slogan of Tetra Pak; “Protects What's Good” reflects our vision regarding safety and the provision of food everywhere around the world". He also noted that Tetra Pak trusts the abilities of the Egyptian economy to grow through new investments.

Mohamed Badran asserted that all the products of Beyti passes through the highest international quality assurance tests. This begins with the first phases of production. For example, the pasteurization and sterilization of milk take place as soon as they reach the company through the most updated means of technology. This is to reach the highest temperature degree of more than 95. This is the degree needed to kill all the bacteria in the milk in 5 seconds. This also happens in the production of juices and cream so that the company would guarantee that its products are free of all sorts of bacteria. Afterwards, the products are packed in a fully sterilized environment in packs that were specifically made to offer the highest standard of safety and care. 

Badran added that the juices of Beyti do not include any preservatives. He added that the processes of sterilization, heating, and the technologies used in packing, in addition to the design of the packs, make the juices valid for usage for one year without adding any preservatives. He added that the products made using high temperature degrees, if the pack is not opened, can be valid for a period from 6 months to one year in the case of juices without the need to put them in the fridge or adding any preservatives while putting into consideration the right conditions of storing.

Mohamed Badran noted that Tropicana is ranked as number one around the world in the field of juices and the owner of the brand name, Tropicana, used by in Beyti Tropicana juices. Tropicana is always keen to supply Beyti with the all the information and updated technologies required for the production of juices following the highest health and technical standards that allow Beyti to offer the best products in the market and fulfill the needs of the consumers.