Beyti Continues its Plans to Develop Milk Collection Centers System in Egypt

Beyti Continues its Plans to Develop Milk Collection Centers System in Egypt

Beyti’s CEO Mark Wiley: We Participate in “Milk Collection Centers Project” as part of our CSR Activities to Support Small-Scale Producers; we Effectively Participate in “Decent Life” Initiative


Cairo in May 9, 2021

In a new step confirming its leadership in the dairy sector in Egypt, the International Company for Agro Industrial Projects "Beyti" is continuing its ambitious plan to develop milk collection centers system and support small-scale producers, which it started 5 years ago, the last of which was to support and attend the inauguration of a milk collection center in "Abu Qurqas" District in Minya, which was recently inaugurated by the Ministers of Agriculture and Military Production, as part of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s initiative “Decent Life.”

For his part, Mr. Mark Wiley, CEO of Beyti, said, “We have a great passion for the Egyptian market and its small, medium and large-scale farmers. We have a strong belief in the pivotal role that the Egyptian market plays in the regional market landscape. We realize the importance of our social responsibility towards all our partners in the industry and look at them as our top priority in order to collectively revive and improve the market mechanisms and its products.”

Wiley explained that Beyti began its journey in developing the system of dairy collection centers since 2017, when it contributed to the launch of a dairy collection center in “Qutour District”, Gharbia Governorate, and today it continues its journey in supporting the milk collection center in Al-Minya Governorate, bringing the number of milk collection centers to which Beyti has contributed technical support to 11 centers.

In turn, Engineer Mohamed Seif, Head of the Procurement and Agricultural Projects Sector at Beyti, confirmed that the company provides all forms of support to small-scale producers, whether through advanced and continuous training courses and providing them with the latest and best practices, the most important quality standards and operational management techniques, to actively contribute to the development of every part of the supply chain and production.

Engineer Khaled Saadoun, Director of Al-Khairat Company, which operates the dairy collection center in Abu Qurqas District, explained that the center is equipped with a “chiller” system with a capacity of 5 tons per hour, and 2 cooling tanks with a capacity of 5 tons of milk per tank, in addition to a unit for washing and sterilizing dairy lines and a boiler for washing and sterilizing lines of production as well as a complete laboratory for milk analysis equipped with the latest equipment. The center also has a dairy reception unit equipped with a sensitive digital scale to know the quantities of milk supplied to the center on a daily basis, in addition to a 150-kilowatt electric generator – as a reserve fuel generator - produced by military factories, and a sterilization and changing room for the workers of the center.

Seif stressed that the center uses the latest technologies for quality control and food safety, which makes the Egyptian product a strong competitor to foreign products, which ultimately gives it the ability to compete in global markets and open new export markets that will support the national economy and provide job opportunities within an integrated system.

For his part, Engineer Khaled Saadoun praised the cooperation with Beyti, Company saying, “Our relationship with Beyti is not new, but it is an extension of a relationship that began many years ago, as we cooperated together four years ago on a large project in Al-Gharbia Governorate at a total investment cost of EGP 10 million to purchase sterilization pasteurization devices."

Saadoun added that since the establishment of a dairy collection center in Qutour Center in Al-Gharbia Governorate, “Bayti” has provided technical and logistic support to us at all levels, whether in the management of marketing, sales, maintenance, or laboratories as well as quality in the development of breeders as well as financial aspects. He said, "Beyti” is a great entity that we are honored to cooperate with."