As part of its expansion plan, Beyti launches the most latest marketing methods worldwide in Egypt

Badran: The Egyptian consumer is the only judge of our success 


Implementing its strategy to preserve its leading position in the juices and milk fields in Egypt, the International Company for Agro-Industrial Projects, Beyti, announced the features of its expansions in the Egyptian market. The plan targets a rapid growth in the juices and milk market in the coming period. 

Managing Director of Beyti, Mohamed Badran, said that his company recognizes the importance and the size of the Egyptian market as one of the largest in the Arab World and Africa. He noted that the company also values the opinions of the Egyptian consumers as one of the most distinctive in the region, and the only factor to judge the success of the company.

Badran added, “This motivated us to develop our expansion strategy that aims to increase our share in the juices’ market with Beyti Tropicana Juices. This strategy is considered a step towards increasing the production capacity of the factories of the company to fulfill all the needs of the consumers".

Badran said that Beyti Tropicana Juices achieved considerable success in offering the latest methods of marketing all over the world. This is through the direct contact between the company and the consumer to understand his opinion and how satisfied he is with the products. He added that the main objective of Beyti is to offer distinctive products to provide energy for the consumer to carry out all his daily activities in the best way.

Badran noted that Beyti Tropicana Juices succeeded in implementing the direct engagement method with the consumers dealing with them through 177 outlets inside Cairo in mega stores and large malls. This is in addition to clubs and universities where a full team from the company is present to have direct contact with consumers.