“Almarai Products in Egypt” Sponsors Two Families from those Participating in Alabakera with Educational, Health Grants


‘Amr Abou-El-Hassan: Our Target to Support Education, Pay Attention to Egyptian Families Health


‘Essam Youssef: Success of Alabakera Confirms Egyptians Searching for Serious Programs, Almarai Products in Egypt Presents Model from Which Everyone Should Learn


In confirming its continual implementation of its strategy targeting provision of all forms of various support to all events and initiatives that could contribute to developing society, Almarai Egypt, a leader in the field of manufacturing dairy products, food stuff and beverages, honored two families participating in the Program of Alabakera ‘Aelat, which is aired on Al-Kahera Wa Al-Nas Channel and backed them with educational and health grants at a total value of LE 200,000.

Amr Abou-El-Hassan, Head of Marketing Sector at Almarai Products in Egypt, stated that the company will constantly support Egyptian families. He affirmed that selecting to sponsor Alabakera Program is due to presenting content in keeping with the company’s objectives and standards and what the company seeks to achieve, this being supporting education and paying attention to the Egyptian families’ health in order to be able to live in a better form. The company followed up on the program’s episodes and all families participating in it and selected the families of ‘Ezzeddin El-Hawari and Ashraf ‘Aboud who participated in the first season of the program, according to him.

Abou-El-Hassan added that Almarai products in Egypt presented a financial grant to Al-Hawari family valued at LE 50,000 to their daughter Malak, who has special needs to assist her in developing her capabilities by completing her education by adding another LE 50,000 that have been allocated to enroll her in external courses and re-habilitate her to enable her to achieve success. In addition, the company provided the family of Ashraf ‘Aboud who lost his sight at an early age complete medical insurance including medical follow-up and provision of medication for a period of five years to all family members. The head of the marketing sector pointed out that the two families were selected after examining all others participating in the program. According to him, we did not focus on those who gained first positions in the program, but we selected those who are most influential as the two presented a model that we should follow.

For his part, Essam Youssef, Presenter of Alabakera Program, expressed his thanks to Almarai products in Egypt in sponsoring the program and granting two prizes to two participant families. He stated that selection has been conducted in a humanitarian form and we hope that the prize will be a reason in supporting Malak and her family, as well as the family of Ashraf Aboud. He hoped that the private sector will work on supporting such programs similar to Almarai products in Egypt.

Ezzeddin El-Hawari expressed his thanks to Almarai products in Egypt and Alabakera Program for giving the opportunity to his family to participate and their grant to Malak to complete her education and rehabilitate her. He said that Malak suffered a lot since her birth, but she is greatly determined to learn and survive. In addition, Ashraf Aboud, lauded the role of Almarai products in Egypt. He wished that all private sector companies will follow suit and carry their responsibility towards society.