After the success of Beyti in Anuga International Food Fair

Badran: Egyptian products are capable of competing internationally and we wish to increase the exports of the Egyptian food sector.


Mohamed Badran, Managing Director of the International Company for Agro Industrial Projects, Beyti, said that the Egyptian products became capable of competing in international various international markets. He asserted that the strategies adopted by the national industry in Egypt in terms of the usage of the most updated means and systems of operations in all production phases. This is in addition to the implementation of the highest international standards of quality assurance. All these factors enabled the Egyptian products not only to be present in international markets, but to also strongly compete in various regions.


Badran noted that he hopes that the success achieved by Beyti through the participation of the company in the Anuga International Food Fair, organized in Germany, would increase the exports in this vital sector.


Badran noted that Anuga International Food Fair is considered among the largest and most important food and beverages exhibitions around the world. He added that the exhibition represents quite a remarkable opportunity to get the world to know about the Egyptian product and its ability to compete in all food sectors. It also represents a great chance for emerging and targeted markets, in addition to initiating several commercial deals and developing the commercial and economic relations among participants.


The Managing Director of Beyti noted that his company represented Egypt among 88 other national companies which participated in the 34th edition of the exhibition. Mohamed Badran said, “Beyti was keen to present an honorable image of the Egyptian products. The company had a detailed sufficient presentation of the approaches and mechanisms used in the processes of its food production. This is in addition to presenting the advanced technological means the company introduced in all production phases inside its factories in Egypt. These elements maximized the abilities of the company to compete in international markets.