“Beyti”: Upgrading Food Industries Legislation Paves Way to Global Competitiveness

During its Participation in First Food Industries Chamber’s Convention,

“Beyti”: Upgrading Food Industries Legislation Paves Way to Global Competitiveness

·      Se’oud Zaki: We Seek to Support Local Producers to be in Keeping with State Strategy, We Work on Improving Supply Chains

Cairo on April 5th, 2021

Se’oud Zaki, CEO of “Beyti’s” Quality, Research and Development Sector, confirmed that the food industry sector in Egypt has been witnessing stages of increasing development over the past period, whether with regards to quality of products offered on the Egyptian market or at the level of control and also various legislative reforms pertaining to the industry, which is a development that reflects the political leadership’s attention to supporting this vital sector.

On the margins of his participation at the first conference of the Federation of Egyptian Industries Food Industries Chamber titled, “Food Industries, Fruits of Reform and Future Opportunities,” which was convened yesterday with the attendance of ministers of trade and industry, supply and internal trade and chairman of the National Food Safety Authority, as well as a plethora of major officials in concerned authorities and industrialists, Zaki said that Beyti’s taking part in this conference is out of its eagerness on discussing issues related to supporting food industries and listening to visions of ministries and authorities officials concerned with the food industry field.

He added Beyti is constantly seeking to support local producers that is in keeping with the state’s strategy for encouraging minor farmers, milk producers and working on improving supply chains related to milk collection centers and minor breeders out of its belief in the important participation of the private sector in improving local producers competitive edge and elevating their efficiency to keep abreast with the requirements of the National Food Safety Authority. According to Zaki, consumers’ health and safety top the company’s priorities and for this reason, it commits to providing highest standards of international quality in all of its products. He pointed out that the conference discussed devising a road map and appropriate coordinative solutions for the advancement of food industries that contribute in a more positive manner to the GDP and achieve the desired growth rates, especially that no progress can be made in any industrial sector except via finding holistic and sustainable solutions.

Shima’a Tawfik, Manager of the company’s Research, Development and Technical Legislation Department, stressed that Beyti is keen to cooperate with control bodies, especially the National Food Safety Authority to achieve food safety alongside binding to applying all technical legislation that is in keeping with the state’s current objectives related to providing healthy and safe food. She underscored the importance of constant cooperation between the government represented in the Ministries of Trade and Industry, Agriculture and Supply in particular, and the private sector represented in food companies to enhance the food industry in Egypt and pave the way for greater investment opportunities that in turn, provide additional working opportunities.