“Beyti” launches the national campaign of awareness for the traders and the consumers

In cooperation with the largest companies working in food production 

Badran: The government supported us and the initiative is carried out with the participation of two of the largest food production factories in Egypt 


Beyti announced its cooperation with the largest companies in the field of food production to launch and implement a national campaign that aims to spread awareness among traders and consumers concerning the optimum and healthiest approach to deal with processed food products.

Mohamed Badran, Managing Director of the International Company for Agro Industrial Projects, Beyti, noted that the idea of the campaign emerged to protect the Egyptian products and local and industry, especially in the field of milk, juices, and processed food after the appearance of some individual cases of ruined packs because of bad trading or storage in the local market.

Badran added that the campaign would witness the participation of concerned ministries and governmental bodies to benefit from its capabilities to serve the objectives of the campaign that we aim to consolidate in the culture of the Egyptian traders and consumers. Badran added that when Beyti adopted the consumer and trader awareness campaign in the beginning of the current year, as the company recognized, as one of the largest companies in the field of milk and juices production, the importance of this initiative. Due to the powerful content of the campaign, many of the largest companies in the field of food production responded by participating in the initiative. The companies include Domty, Best Cheese, Lamar, Tetra Pak Egypt, a subsidiary of Tetra Pak Saudi, Combi Bloc, and OMD, specialized company in advertising. Badran noted that the initiative quickly transformed into a large national campaign that became the focus of many governmental bodies. Several ministers have been addressed to adopt the campaign. There are many positive signs that affirm that the government supports this direction powerfully as it represents an important benefit for the Egyptian consumer.

Badran clarified that the researches and daily follow-ups of the markets confirm that the main reason that some food products get ruined is that the lack of storage places at retail traders and distributors. This is in addition to storing the products in improper places and the wrong approach in dealing with the pack, either during its presence in supermarkets, or the ways the packs are opened.

Badran also stated that the campaign would cover all these angles with scientific and healthy methods supported by guidelines and illustrations beginning with the products exiting the factory in full high quality until the right way of disposing the empty packs. This includes the raise of the capacities of the people working in stores, monitoring the markets and the distributors to know the extent of their commitment towards the implementation of the new standards which are set by the campaign to protect the Egyptian products.