“Beyti” launches an initiative to provide clothes and healthy drinks in 13 villages in Upper Egypt

The first phase includes 1434 families; the initiatives adopts patients with the Egyptian Cure Bank


Continuing its distinctive donation journey and believing in the role of the company in implementing the principles of CSR, the International Company for Agro Industrial Projects, Beyti, launched a new initiative that aims to provide clothes and healthy drinks to the poor in cooperation with the Egyptian Food and Clothing Banks.

Mohamed Badran, Managing Director of the International Company for Agro Industrial Projects, Beyti, noted that the first phase of the initiative targets 13 of the poorest and neediest village of Upper Egypt. Through the initiative, heavy clothes that suit both genders would be distributed with various sizes. This aims to provide clothing to the poor and protect them against the severe cold weather in the winter. Badran added that this phase would witness distributing thousands of pullovers in addition to 100 thousand juice packs to all the families and the people of these villages. Badran noted, “What we aim to create is a comprehensive partnership to ensure that we reach the neediest families in the Egyptian governorates and provide them with their needs”

Badran expressed how optimistic he is concerning the success of this initiative, which Beyti has spread in social media platforms, in regards of reaching the families that deserve help and fulfill their daily needs in terms of clothing and food. Badran said that the first phase would include around 1434 families. The Managing Director of Beyti noted that company believes in its social responsibility role and thus started taking care of some patients in cooperation with the Egyptian Cure Bank. He pointed out that they are working on providing all the expenses and medical supplies to continue the curative process of the patients.

From his side, Dr. Moez Al Shohdy, CEO and Managing Director of Decent Life Bank (Egyptian Food Bank, Clothing Bank, Cure Bank, and Qualification Development Bank), noted that the initiative of Beyti is not the company’s first step in that field. He added Beyti has achieved a lot with the Decent Life Bank concerning social responsibility. Al Shohdy also said that they hope to expand the scope of work together, with Beyti, in the future to cover all the regions of Egypt.

Dr. Moez Al Shohdy valued the fruitful cooperation between Beyti and the Banks of Food and Clothing which succeeded in achieving a positive image of how positive society organizations should cooperate with private sector companies and formed a model that should be followed in developing the society.

Al Shohdy also noted that he is happy to participate in this initiative that positively contribute in empowering human relations. He added that it is one of the most noble messages that his bank aim to achieve in cooperation with all concerned parties and organizations which are interested in working in community development programs.