“Beyti” joins the Initiative of “The People order”

Badran: 29% decrease in the prices of our products and we participate in any national efforts that relief the citizens of Egypt 


As a commitment to its policies that aim to participate in any national efforts which contribute in relieving the Egyptian consumers, the International Company for Agro Industrial Projects, Beyti, announced that the company joined the campaign of “The People Order” launched by Amr Adib, in his program “Kol Yom” broadcasted on “On TV” to reduce the prices by 20% for three months.

Mohamed Badran, Managing Director of the International Company for Agro Industrial Projects, Beyti, asserted that the company would reduce the prices of its products with rates ranging from 20% to 29% (Kol Yom Juices, Kol Yom Milk, and Almarai yogurt 105 grams)

Badran expressed his confidence concerning the success of the objectives of this campaign when he said, “The government exerts a lot of efforts to reduce the burdens of citizens. However, there is a necessity for such initiatives that contribute to improving the conditions in order to make life easier for some of the segments of the Egyptian population.”

Badran said that the participation of Beyti in this initiative consolidates the principles of the company. Beyti is always pioneering in participating in all the steps that would reduce the burdens of the Egyptian consumers and support the national production. Badran added, "We have had an individual step last August when we refused to increase the prices of some of our milk products". Badran stated that Beyti is still committed to this individual step which matches with its participation in the “People Order” initiative.

The Managing Director of Beyti noted that the national industries have gained the confidence of the consumers either inside Egypt or abroad. He added that the continuous development the local product is witnessing made it capable of competing with foreign products. Badran said that supporting the local products is a priority and that it should get all sorts of participation and support from all governmental institutions. Badran repeated how proud he is with the campaign; “Proud to be made in Egypt” which Beyti participates and which was launched by Eng. Tarek Kabil, Minister of Trade and Industry.

It is worth mentioning that the initiative of “The People Order” aims at reducing the prices of food products by 20% through the waiver of the companies of their profit margins. Several food production companies and commercial chains participate in this initiative.