“Beyti” Hails Government Efforts in Making Ahlan Ramadan Expo a Success

“Beyti” Hails Government Efforts in Making Ahlan Ramadan Expo a Success

Naguib: Major Exhibitions Enhance Citizens Trust in National Companies

Tamer Naguib, Sales General Manager at the International Company for Agro Industrial Projects “Beyti,” lauded the efforts of the Egyptian government represented in the cabinet and the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade in making Ahlan Ramadan Expo a success this year, which contributed to supporting Egyptian citizens and providing all food products for them at competitive prices taking into account the social dimension and various financial capabilities.

According to Naguib, we’re proud to participate in Ahlan Ramadan Exhibition this year, with the objective of helping in providing all our products including juices, milk and yogurt products at low prices for our consumers to alleviate their burdens gearing up for the month of Ramadan. Beyti is totally aware of the importance of its social responsibility towards the community in which it operates, pays major attention to it and is at the forefront of its priorities, he added.

Beyti sales manager asserted that these major exhibitions held by the state bolster companies’ social role and support the Egyptian citizens and therefore, companies should take part in them to enhance consumers trust in producers, especially that these national fairs offer competitive prices and guarantee provision of all food products for citizens.

For his part, ‘Omar Sherif, Beyti Sales Development Manager, outlined that our participation in the exhibition is part of the company’s strategy to be present in all events that enable us to deliver our products to all our consumers. He went on by saying that the food industry system in Egypt is recently witnessing notable development, whether with regards to products quality standards, packing and packaging or industry control methods during the various production stages until they reach consumers and these all reflect the extent of progress that makes Egyptian food products standout and able to compete with other global brands.