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February 9, 2014

“Beyti” Launches First of its Kind Promotional Initiative: Company’s Managers and Board of Directors Take Part in Distributing the New “Kol Youm” Milk in its First Offering in the Egyptian Market

In a first of its kind initiative, directors of Beyti, headed by Mr. Mohamed Badran – General Manager and Managing Director of Beyti Egypt, participated in distributing “Kol Youm” milk on the different points of sales across Egypt on the first day of the new product’s launch in the markets to commemorate these important moments.

The “Kol Youm” milk is the first product of “Beyti” company for milk packaged in high quality bags. The company aimed, through the new product, to provide a healthy, safe and high-quality alternative for loose milk in affordable prices for the Egyptian consumer.

Mr. Mohamed Badran said: “Today we are celebrating an important event for Beyti Company and dairy market Egyptian in general, which is the launch of “Kol Youm” milk in the Egyptian markets in affordable prices to the Egyptian consumer who used to consume loose milk due to its lower prices. Consumer wishes to provide packed milk for his family because it is a clean, healthy and free of diseases and preservatives. “Kol Youm” milk will balance between being high quality packed milk, safe and with an attractive taste; and being affordable for Egyptian families. We wish the new product to be desirable for Egyptian consumers and we are proud that the product “Kol Youm” will be a new addition to the Egyptian markets and a positive step towards providing a healthier and safe life for the Egyptian family.”

It is worth mentioning that, “Kol Youm” milk offered by Beyti company- the second largest dairy company in the Egyptian market- for the first time last Friday. Through a focused marketing and sales plan, the company targets the presence in the largest number of shops and different sizes points of sales. Nearly 50 employees, directors and board of directors’ members, participated in selling the product in the first day of its launch in the framework of company’s policy, which includes encouraging employees from different positions to interact directly with consumers and merchants. All distribution cars of the company were allocated for the sale of “Kol Youm” milk on its first day of launch. This step is an expression of company’s faith in this product, which is considered a real addition to the Egyptian market and the consumer who is looking for the best dairy products at affordable prices.

Beyti is a sister company of the joint venture between Almarai and PepsiCo international, in a deal that concluded in 2009.