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Our Timeline

  • New Products launched

    Beyti launches Beyti for Tropicana 100% Sugar free juice range and Almarai Treats Flavored Milk Range

  • New Products Launched

    Beyti re-launches its Fruit on the Bottom Yoghurt to Almarai Treats, launches Almarai cooking and whipping creams, relaunches Kol Youm Milk in attractive new packaging and launches Beyti for Tropicana Strawberry and Pomegranate juices

  • New Products Launched

    Beyti Launches Kol Youm Milk and Almarai Flavored Yoghurt

  • Launch of Almarai Dairy Products in Egypt

    Beyti launches Almarai Milk, Almarai Plain yoghurt, Almarai Drinking Yoghurt, and Almarai Rayeb

  • Launch of Yoghurt

    Beyti launches its yoghurt range

  • IDJ Acquires Beyti

    IDJ company, a partnership between PepsiCo International and regional dairy powerhouse Almarai, acquires Beyti.

  • Launch of Beyti Juice

    Beyti launches its juice range

  • Launch of Beyti Milk

    Beyti is launched in the Egyptian market

  • “Factory of the Year”

    European Dairy Magazine names the Beyti plant “Factory of the Year.”
    EDM Magazine Publication

  • Beyti is Established

    Beyti is established, with its commercial register issued on 14 July 1998, and the company invests EGP 350 million in the construction of a fully-automated, state-of-the-art facility on the Cairo-Alex Desert Road to allow itto process top quality dairy and agricultural products.